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The Largest variety of Full Color
pixel resolutions to fit any budget

HYOCO's factory has built over 70,000 successful installations throughout North and South America over the last 30 years. Both standard and custom builds, give us your ideas we will build it. Our philosophy has always been to focus on quality to last, and offer a price point for that quality that no one else will match.

Our sales experts can consult with you and provide multiple options based on viewing distance, matrix capability, communication options, zoning restrictions, content requirements, mounting, and other details defined to meet the needs of your project. In certain cases, our animators can provide 3D presentation proposals to clients showing how an LED display will operate in an existing location.

Our team of technicians is certified and trained to walk you through any question you have with communicating to the display, adding the display to your network, and using today's technology to troubleshoot from off site. In this fast paced environment, you do not want to wait for help. Our technicians have a “no waiting policy“ to keep you out of a cue and on to finishing an installation, or answering a software question.

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**** city state cities 222
  • Hyoco has over 70,000 successful installations world wide.
  • UL & cUL compliant
  • 5 Yr Warranty
  • Professional and experienced sales & technical staff
  • Indoor Window Brite series available as well as SMD resolutions 5mm, 6mm, 8mm & 10mm
  • Outdoor RGB Full color resolutions 10-12-15-16-18-20-22-25-34mm
  • Patented individual louver design over each diode for maximum contrast and protection
  • Hyoco uses 5mm oval diodes (industry standard less than 3mm)
  • Highest NIT (brightness) rating while running more efficiently
  • State of the Art proprietary software with internal keyframe animation creator
  • 60 fps, 300Hz, 281 Trillion colors
  • Drag and drop media files right into software
  • Built-in Diagnostic feature for hassle-free troubleshooting
  • Multi-location Control, Plug & Play auto networking (Wireless RF radios, RJ45 and wireless broadband)
  • Hassle-Free RSS feed set-up
  • Enhanced Multi-layer control
  • Free & Unlimited software training.
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Full Color Double Face
22mm / 48 x 112
Full Color Single Face
20mm / 114 x 320
**** city state cities 222

**** city state cities 222

hyoco message boards and billboards

In today's competitive market, you want to get the most for your money. The initial cost doesn't tell the whole story of how much the display actually can cost you in down time during the life of the display, how long it will last outdoors, or how much support will be available. Every aspect of the LED display business is supported by us for the life of the display including free upgrades, content creation and management, technical support, spare parts and labor. Our sales experts can consult with you and provide multiple options based on viewing distance, matrix capability, communication options, zoning restrictions, content requirements, and mounting

Combined with the latest display control system technology, our display products are both market proven and innovation driven. Our mission is to provide the state of the LED message board products and services along with expert system integration networking tools for indoor and outdoor signage, including content creation and management services, and ongoing training and support. Our signs have a patented individual louver design that protects each individual light chip from sunlight, which strengthens the light output and angle of view, and protects the chips from both sunlight degradation and flying debris. Our displays are performing in the desert, along the salty air of the gulf coast, in the cold of Canada and Alaska, and the heat and humidity of Mexico.

Stadiums and Special Venues

A high school stadium needs an affordable display to sell advertising and software to manage a live event including prerecorded video, live video, a virtual scoreboard, green screen overlay statisitics, and segment the screen with multiple signals

Convenience Stores and Gas Stations

Operators need multiple grade gas price panels in one delivered cabinet with a cash/credit option and backlit ID panels. All of the grades can be controlled with one simple handheld remote.

Billboard Companies

A billboard company needs a proof of performance log file for billing purposes. The display needs to be brilliant in sunlight, managed remotely, and have diagnostic capability.

              Churches and Organizations    Education Industry Business                         Hotel Chains                       Small Business

**** city state cities 222Visible Clarity a proud partner of HYOCO


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